Our history

Martí Gauxachs Olmo, founding partner, created the company in 1995 with a single truck, offering a quality service and tha’s why we have earned the trust of our customers.


The family company, for the sake of submitting to a formal system of strategic direction, since July 2015 starts operating as TRANSPORTS MARTI GAUXACHS, S.L. under the direction of their children, David and Anaïs.

Since 2015

We set ourselves the goal to stand out from our direct competitors, that’s why we analyze the company’s value chain and we define our strategic objectives.


Make our motto “We Transport Trust” an added value for our clients and offer an excellent service to be a national transport reference gradually expanding the international market.


Transport goods with the guarantee of a quality, safe, responsible and punctual service; offering customers a continuous technical improvement and the total involvement of our human team.

Therefore, we establish short and long-term objectives, developing an organizational structure to reach them, and thus fulfill our mission, in memory of Martí.

Fleet of vehicles

Years in business